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Greeley, CO

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  • 1978 Yamaha LB-50 Chappy

I live in the small college town of Greeley, Colorado. I room with fellow moped owner Brian Shourd and soon to be moped owner Brian Flynn. Also, my brother Peter Shapiro lives about five minutes away. He also owns a moped. Did I mention that Skyler Bingham, Brian Shourd's girlfriend lives in the dorm next to us. She also owns a moped. We like to go cruising. We like to talk mopeds... a lot.

Brian, Brian, Peter, and I also play a good deal of World of Warcraft. If you are in Greeley and own a moped, we strongly urge you to look us up and go cruising with us. It'll be a blast. If you are in Greeley and you don't own a moped and you want a moped, then maybe we can help you find one. Anyway... uh... YEAH!!!

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