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  • 1980 Testi
This is one of a group of mopeds found in a warehouse in the crates back in 91. paid $400 for it, put it together and my dad used this every day for almost 2 yrs to go to and from work. After that she got stuck in the garage and then moved to a storage unit and forgotten. after we discovered it again it was time to strip it down and hope to have the time to restore her.. slow going but I'll get er done when I can.
Just putting it back together after being in boxes for the past 4-5 yrs.. Lots to clean up on it but havent lost any parts... I have a brand new tank for it that is a cinnimiti or something ,got it off Ebay years ago.. when I discovered I could put my thumb through the bottom of the original tank, damn thing was stored in a warehouse with a half tank for 8yrs.

Yes I know the front wheel is on backwards..
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