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I always seem to end up with huge silly motorycles, like a Triumph Bonneville, a Kawasaki KZ-1000, and a group of KZ-400's and KZ-440's. It's better than driving my truck, but the idea of firing up a one lter motorcycle just seems increasingly stupid to me.

I did add a 80 cc engine kit to my Schwinn bicycle, but but it's a been a pain in the ass - nothing fit right; monts had to be fabricated, the supplied chain does not fit the supplied front sprocket, etc.

So I think adding a moped would be good. But my real curiousity now is about Zongshen motorycles. They seem to be copies of obsolete Hondas. Which is cool - so long as they are up to Honda manufacturing standards.

So? Anybody have a Zongshen for long enough to give a substantial review?

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