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David Kelly

Russellville, KY


  • 1981 Motobecane 51V

Hi, My name is Dave i am 36 yrs. old. I lived in bermuda from 1981-1985. People treated mopeds in bermuda like they do hot rods here in the U.S. I bought my first moped when i was 14. This bike was already set up like most on the island, it was fully chromed from brake plates to swing arm to pully. Also some engine chroming such as the five gear head. I learned more than most of my navy-brat friends about this trend because mostly i had friends that were islanders. I knew i could never compete with their quality of bikes beacause they were works of art on the average one of their bike would cost them 2 grand to be complete. They had resources to get them after market performance motor parts like a 65cc block and piston which was illegal on the road and could only come from France, But after mant trials and errors and questions asked i managed to become respetable and accepted in their circles. Peolple on the island lived and breathe moped performance. Friday and saturday nights were like a weekend at a race track in the united states, they would all come in their little possies and run the best bikes they had. Ive been a witness to see in a mobylette out run a 100cc street bike chamber in all so this must tell you why i am so enthusuastic in what i write. I know how to do many modifications, but like others i have read on this website and frustraited wiith assessibility with performance parts which i know that exist and i have used personally. If anyone needs knowledge or knows any information or wants to talk about it you can e-mail me at COOL RUNNINGS

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