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Small stature, 62 years old, have owned 37 motorcycles, don't know how many mopeds, scooters and the like. Too old and small to handle larger sized motorcycles. Any way to get over on the system of entrapment of high fuel, insurance, and licensing fees, and as well the exuberance of the freedom of having the wind in face is what I am pretty much about. It is only sensible to own a moped with a dual purpose in mind having the ability to ride off road as well as in town. I consider most mopeds to be only city based vehicles. B.F.D! Want to see more dual purpose mopeds around and hope others will see the opportunity in this mode of transportation. Not interested in hot rodding mopeds beyond removing restrictions to increase efficiency. Staying within the law is all I want to do now at my age. would like to see more work done in developing alternative fuels and power sources. Pilipo
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