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Jon Gancayco

Quezon City, Philippines

My forte is all about leadership. I have good public speaking and writing skills. I enjoy participating and forming events. I am astute when it comes to entrepreneurship and marketing products and services. I take advantage of leading group tasks and always take responsibility for the task’s outcome. I am literate in Microsoft applications and am proficient in applications. Cars and sports interest me the most, which led me to my current business interest in Engine Lubrication. During my spare time, I maintain my health by playing sports and going to the gym. I enjoy traveling with my family and friends.

[URL=""]Pertua Oils[/URL]? If not, here's a quick overview: PERTUA is a dynamic and innovative company established in 1988 to provide a scientific breakthrough in lubrication technology which offers numerous significant economic benefits and advantages. Its flagship invention, Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment is patented both in the U.S and in the Philippines.

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