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  • 1979 Motobecane 50V
  • 1979 Motobecane 50V
  • 1978 Motobecane 50V
  • 1977 Puch Maxi S
  • 1986 Puch Maxi
  • 1976 Puch Maxi
I shed a tear for you poor Moby, so sad is your fate that you could be under such heavy handed punishment in such a beautiful place.

But alas, Maybe you were loved, cared for and enjoyed for wonderful decades before you met the fate you now find yourself in.

Take heed poor Moby, that in the twilight of the pain, anguish and humiliation that you are now swimming in that if possibly one day I may find you in the warm trade winds, found rust stained, neglected and abused.

I promise I will find you and resurrect you into something more beautiful, Powerful and graceful than you were ever accepted to believe you could become

One day poor Motobecane, one day in the future will be for you again.
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