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Joseph Norell

Bermuda Run, NC

Instagram: @JJNTWICE

I am a Old School guy that used to Ride back in the 80’s From Miami, Florida
Yeah used to be able to Ride Year Round!
Now I am in NC and I am starting a new build. Another PUCH. And I am trying to duplicate what I had. Yes I had a 78 Newport. But when I was finished with it, You could do 55 mph sitting Up and 70+ when tucked in behind the fairing I installed, Along with a “Proto-Pipe” expansion chamber on a ported&polished cylinder using a Dellorto UA19s with adjustable jet. I was clocked by Florida Highway Patrol @ 72 Mph on more than one occasion. Used to use Castrol R oil but because of all the gumming I switched to Amsoil For my premix. Had pretty Tall gearing a Garelli Front End with Cut Springs & Honda 90 shocks in the Rear. Custom all the way, inc. the paint.
That’s what I am trying to Replicate Again.
Because I really miss it and it was still great on fuel mileage. But I really miss THE FUN. I WISH I HAD THE ORIGINAL. BUT A BAD DECISION MADE BY ME TO LET IT GO. NOW I AM GOING TO REBUILD ANOTHER. I DID ALL THE WORK BEFORE AND I INTEND TO DO IT AGAIN. I am sorry but I don’t have a picture. But I am not going anywhere until I get another one Built. Swarm & Destroy! I really miss the 77Moped app!
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