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  • 1998 Tomos Targa TTLX

I've been riding two wheels for a long time it all started back in

>1977:started riding 1st. bike (Honda 50) and all kinds of motocross bikes.

>1983:1st. moped

Then soon after that my friend and I started building mopeds from parts we acquired.
We had the fastest around, soon all of our friends had us build them mopeds, there was around 15 of us on our mopeds flying thought the neighborhood. we had races that were about 4 miles long winding through the streets of our neighborhood.

>1985:1st new moped; 85`Trac Olyimpic

>2001:My same friend from back then started Hampton Roads Moped Junkyard and i joined up with him building and repairing mopeds

Built my Tomos Targa TTLX

2003:Striped the Tomos Targa TTLX and now in the process of putting a custom paint job on it.

Starting to build custom mopeds (choppers, Lowriders)

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