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Current Specs: (Feb. 22nd, 2012)

- Batteries
86.1 volts
3 ZIPPY Flightmax 8000mAh 6S1P 30C
(6S1p means six individual cells in series and 1 parallel)
1 ZIPPY Flightmax 8000mAh 3S1p 30C

Crystalyte hub motor H3540

Crystalyte 7240 65-89volts


87volt charger from china of course! (My co-worker ordered it for me.)

The Pro's about this set-up:

-Solid sturdy frame feels safe at 30+ mph
-Crystalyte is all plug and play no need to change plugs.
-Has potential to go 40mph I think
-Under the radar, you don't need to register or get a license for this thing, with pedals you can probably talk your way out of a ticket.

The Con's about this set-up:

-Bought moped without a lot of parts: no working lights, brakes, wheels, kickstand, seat, foot pegs, etc. Next project I would just buy a moped with a busted engine.
-Battery pack set-up took patience to connect, however I'm glad I spent $500 on Lipo batteries, they are light and don't take up space. Kind of bitter sweet.

Any questions just ask.
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