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  • 1966 Solex 3300
  • 1966 Solex 3300
  • 1966 Solex
I recently bought a Solex which is made up of parts of various machines. The motor doesn't disengage and has destroyed two tyres. I don't know what to do as I am not very technically minded. i would like someone expert in the london area to help me but can find nobody at all. Any help with a guidebook in Eglish about what to do would be very helpful to me. The little wheel which drives the front tyre looks worn and the same shape as the tyre (wide at both ends but thin in the middle.) I may need a replacement as I believe the wheel is supposed to be the same diameter across its short length. I found a good manufacturerof Michelin tyres for the Solex in England but the new tyre has already be partly destroyed by the non-disengaging drive wheel.
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