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Ann Howell

Baltimore, MD

When I was 12, I rode on the back of a friend's moped, and KNEW i HAD TO HAVE ONE! I saved up 12 whole dollars towards that, and gave up. Here I am 40 odd years later (You do the math) and I decided I still wanted one and I could finally afford it, and could easily rationalize owning one. I run lots of little errands around my neighborhood and driving the car was stupid and taking my bicycle wan't timing things right. Then I met Gill and the Moped Maniacs, (sounds like a rock band.) and we ride together about once a month on lazy Sundays. I can't wait til my kids are old enough so we can all ride together. I love the freedom. It is said I look like Wallace, of Wallace and Gromit, as I have a regular motorcycle helmet. I decided that if I was going to be an oddball among my peers, I would be a safe one. That's me...

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