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East Rockaway, NY

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I am a Business Analyst by trade.

The Moped I have was my father's. It was my hope to get it running for him. He passed away suddeneny before I had the chance. After taking out my anger on it, I spent lest winter putting it back together. I was able to find everything I needed on Ebay and it didn't cost much.

I love riding it and it takes me closer to my father.

I wrote a poem about it.

As a typical perfect example
Representing life as it's become
I tasked myself with the adventure
Of finding out why you won't run

You're not very powerful
And really as old as you seem
With considerable rust and neglect
And a most horrible terrible green

I can only imagine why
He enjoyed you as much as he had
Not getting you fixed in time
Made me feel really terribly bad

Like so many things that speed by me
As the clock moves faster and faster
Each pause I take to repair things
Turns into consistent disaster

I've finally gotten to
The actual break in your heart
And now replacement's required
And you stand all pulled apart

Again I need to re-plan
So much is not seen or expected
When can something go right
In a world where logic's rejected

I make too much of a scooter
With a broken engine I know
It just becomes a new symbol
Of neglect that continues to show

When times marches on, I guess I should be grateful to not be left behind !!!

>>>>>>>>>>>> One year later
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