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  • 1994 Tomos Targa TTLX
Grew up with a 1978 peugot 103, I got it with 103 miles on it on 1988, and put 3102 miles on it before selling it in 1993 (I needed cash for my fist car, A 1980 VW Rabbit.)
Once I sold it I realized I had made a mistake, so I started looking for a project bike.
I found a dead 77 Odessy watercooled moped for $50.00 at a garage sale and brought it back to life. I kept it until 1994 when I joined the Army. I sold it for $150, and didn't ride again for almost 10 years!

Then in 2003, I stumbled across and bought a 1985 Trac Eagle for $75.00 not running. 2 days later I had it running, and have been "mopedin' since.
I went over the bike and cleaned every inch. its in really good shape except the gas tank has some interior rust. and the brake light switch is broken.

Not bad for $75.00

I drove it non-stop until 05 when I found a nice 1991 Tomos golden Bullet TTLX that I just had to have. I drove that thing 3200 miles over the years. Tomos makes a great bike, and I got the Moped tuning bug once I found out all the stuff you can get for a tomos. By 2007 I had a few parts bikes, and another runner. I bought a 1997 junk TTLX bike. It was in VERY poor shape, so I decided to make it a parts bike. Then I found a 1994 TTLX in Red that was in good shape with 3000 miles on it, but a leaky engine. I decided to fix that one up. So I sold my 1991 Tomos "Golden Bullet" and decided to take the China challenge and bought a brand new Wildfire WF110-M1 Noped It rocks! good speed, and (so far) its been reliable.

Now its 2009, and I've got about 2300 miles on the Wildfire noped. (So much for Chinese bikes being crap...)

I did pick up a running 2006 Tomos targa from the local drunk late last year. It is a testoment to tomos durability.. Over 7000 miles, lived outside its whole life, and still starts on the first or second kick! It was covered in dirt and muck, but once I cleaned the grime off, tightend all the nuts and bolts, and lubed the chain I can hop on her and drive her 30 miles with out fear of break down.

I plan on making the ultimate Tomos by 2012 And driving it across the USA! I've stripped the 1995 top tank down to the frame, and am getting ready to paint. Then, its all new cables, motor, kit, chain, and so on until the 1995 is about all new. I update as I go.

Still looking for a nice 103 in red and white.

So why does a 40 year old still ride Mopeds? Well, Because I'm too chicken to ride a motorcycle. I dumped a real bike some years ago, and after that I just decided sub-55mph was better for me.

Check out my Web site to learn more about me, my moped, and my other hobby VW Rabbit Restorations.
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