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Hugo Houbrechts

Hasselt, Belgium


  • 1954 Royal Nord
  • 1977 Kreidler RS Cockpit
  • 1974 Kreidler Florett RS
  • 1968 Kreidler Florett RS
  • 1978 Kreidler Florett RMC
  • 1974 Kreidler Florett
  • 1961 Kreidler Florett
  • 1975 Italjet
  • 1976 Flandria Record
  • 1962 Flandria Kingline
  • 1968 Flandria 5CV
  • 1965 DKW-Zweirad Union Hummel

My name is Hugo Houbrechts. I was born in 1962. I grew up between the mopeds. My mother had a 1958Superia-Sachs. My father had a 1968 Honda P-50. My brother had a 1972 Honda Amigo. I had a 1976 Honda Camino when I was 16. It all restarted in 1987 when I bought my first 1969 Kreidler Florett.
And my collection is still growing. A 1968 Flandria Record Special is in restauration now. The next project will be the DKW Aero 136. I'm still looking for a few missing parts. During the year we go to several moped-meetings with the bike. Also in the Netherlands. Every year I drive between 3000 to 4000 miles on my Kreidler's.

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