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Helen Horn

San Carlos, CA

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  • 1977 Peugeot 103LVS-U3
  • 1976 Batavus HS-50

Hi, I'm Helen and I have lots of mopeds in various
conditions as well as some good condition/running
Peugeot 103's, a toptank HS50 Batavus, and some
Puchs. With the help of some other moped
enthusiasts, we are restoring (and rescueing)
motobecanes, peugeot 102's, foxi's,another batavus,
a general 5-star, smiley's, citibike, cimattis, and a few
unrecognizable ones due to paint or missing labels. We also have a huge parts collection, which is being identified and labeled as we go along. I am pursueing this
project on the side while I occasionally assist in scooter
sales at bayareascooters. I would love to have a fleet
of the most exotic of these mopeds when they are finished. and I'm thinking race bike? we are in San Carlos, Ca., about 25 miles south of S.F., but we find
ourselves in SoCal as well as Oregon occasionally.We
are also NorcalDerbi racing(50 cc supermotard &Gpr)
and are a new Tomos dealer.

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