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Jordan Miller


Sioux Falls, SD

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  • 1977 Vespa Grande
  • 1977 Puch Maxi Sport
  • 1978 Motron Medalist
Age 7 was when the madness begain... me and my dad bought a 1977 columbia commuter with the sachs 505 in it for $50... with about 10 dollars worth of carb cleaner, and a plastic fuel shut off valve I was in buisness. I rode that moped everywhere untill the moped collection started to build... by age 10 I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 77,or78 puch newport with mag wheels! Man I was hooked from that moment on. The pops and I finding mopeds all over and buying them for parts,etc. made our collection consist of Puch, Sachs, Honda, yamaha, suzuki, motron, batavus, vespa,(and unfortunatly the dreaded amf road master which came with 3 parts bikes took all three to get one running)... Love mopeds and after resurecting so many from the dead and selling them I now have just a small pile of mopeds to build on now. I am currently working on building a new maxi sport since some ass hole had to steal my customized one last summer :( better hope i never find him... But i live in Sioux falls If anyone wants to go swarm with a couple friends and I it'd be pretty awsome. Me and my buddy also thinking about making a moped magazine if anyone in the area is interested.
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