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Dolan Springs, AZ

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  • Montgomery Wards Riverside Moped

Re-Located 2 South of the Border, the Nevada border that is, Founder of ~ Oh My Forgiving God ~ 2 Wheeler Associaton, CoCaptin of Dolan Springs Ferrari and Sporting Yacht Club, A Man of Independent Means U mite say, Retired but I get Payed 2 Collect Old Stuff & Take It Apart 2 See what Makes it Tic, & Brake New Stuff so as I can Fix It, I Make & Test ProtoTypes 2 ID Key In Sights 4 Users, Sinergistic Integration ! I like Story Time & Naps !
~ Pray 4 Forgiveness before Your Sins Get ya Killed ! ~ Disperse & Destroy ~

Sometimes I Go Up the Mountain 2 Hunt Shoot & Kill 4 Food & Fun

~ Just sayin' !

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