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Sun Valley, NV

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  • 1980 Sachs G-3
  • 1978 Motobecane 50L

Remember kids~ Obey All Law's Dont Lie Cheat and Steal ! And Dont Do Drugs !
~ Just so ya Know !
1911~Have a Rice Moped Ride , Dear~Reno NV Rally -1911 and 1913 Reno NV~Maize Maze Piggy Ride and Halloween Bop Coppin Party- 1911 ~1912 Don Sumpter is Not Real Ride Reno NV~1912~1914 Street Virus ~ Urine Fest ride 1913~1914 Reno Street Vibrators Fall Down Rally ~ 1912~1913~1914 ~
~ Reno Tits for Tots Motorcycle Dally and Washoe County Breastmilk Collective Fundraiser ~ (I did the ride on my G-3) ~ Founder of "Omfg" (Oh My Forgiving God) Moped Club ~ Lost Doritos in My Couch Forever ~ Pray for Forgiveness before You're Sins Get ya Killed ! ~ Just sayin' !

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