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  • 1977 Puch Newport
We don't do this thing half-assed. A lot of guys are content driving stock mopeds around, but we're not. A fully stocked garage with welders, tools, spray guns, and the works is our playground. Think Jesse James of West Coast Choppers in 50cc mode. We like nothing more than to roll into our local Harley bar with our gang of 10 chopped and slammed custom 'peds and cause rubbernecking. They don't mess with us because we have a couple of hard-hitting ex-harley guys riding with us. I think they want to avoid getting tuned up by a guy that rides a moped. Hey man- it's all about the love anyway.

Look for pictures of our rides to be uploaded real soon.

Our site is

Swarm and Destroy,

Mister "X"
Chief Wrenchhead
Purgatory's Pilots
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