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Jack Misanthrope


Willard, OH

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  • 1980 Fantic Motor Concord Invader
  • 1987 Motomarina Raven
  • 1980 Murray 8320
  • 1999 Tomos Targa TTLX
  • 1981 Vespa Grande
  • 1980 Vespa Grande
  • 1978 Vespa Bravo
Zeros- New Shap Who Dis (2022)
Black Pipes- Pissed out Prime (2022)
Zeros- Colder than Hell V, Cum Inside (2023)

I have loved mopeds my entire life but only found out a little over a year ago. Vespa Grande was my first ped and a Vespa will be my last I'm sure. Can't beat the ride of a Grande (fight me).
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