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Brian Lamborn


Woodbury, PA

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  • 2000 Avanti Mont
  • 2000 Avanti Auto Power
  • 1977 Batavus VA
  • 1976 Batavus VA
  • 1986 Puch Maxi Sport LS-2 Speed
With five running mopeds and parts in the attic is it that far of a stretch to assume that I have an
addiction to mopeds? I believe it's the constant tinkering to achieve the most from the least that
keeps me interested in this little fleet. The fully equipped metal/wood working shop is never in
short supply of ideas and projects waiting for creation. 'Space... the final frontier' is the only
thing that's starting to slow my rate of collecting. Just remember folks..... If it ain't broke, you're
not trying hard enough. You can see my mopeds and other hobbies at
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