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Michael Buchanan

Burlington, VT

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  • 1986 Yamaha QT50
  • 1986 Suzuki FA50
  • 1984 Suzuki FA50
  • 1980 Puch Magnum MK II
  • 1979 Honda PA50 II
  • 1978 Honda PA50 II

20-something electrician/engineer that found a passion for "Motor-Driven Cycles" that's developed of the last year since my purchase of a new stock 2014 Honda Ruckus and modding the hell out of that. Just picked up a 1979 Honda Hobbit after looking and researching mopeds even prior to buying my Ruckus. I'm the 3rd owner. Was bought new, rode for one season, then sat in a barn till 3 years ago. 2nd owner did a thorough tune up, petcock, fuel lines, and a promo exhaust. Otherwise, it's all stock and in very good shape, just a few dings in the paint, slight bend in rear fender and taillight bracket from what looks like it being backed into something. I plan on notching the variation and putting on a 70cc kit or may just keep it as is and focus on the cosmetics. Burlington is a college town, I could ride it for a few seasons, sell it, and at least break even. Living in Vermont, the riding season in short so if I want to get any other bikes, I'd have to sell one.
For now, I'm Honda guy that loves my bikes and working on them!
Over the spring/summer I've collected a few more bikes. I'm planning on eventually selling or parting out all except my '79 PA50II and the Magnum. If interested in anything PM me. I'm also always looking for new, interesting, and rare bikes (preferably Japanese or Puch) and related parts, and always have cash set aside for a "once in a lifetime" opportunity. So, hit me up!

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