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  • 1978 Puch Maxi Luxe
Just got my first moped at the age of 20, got it at a junkyard in PA for $20 and am in the process of getting it running, titling it and getting it on the road. Then I'll bring it to manhattan where I stay most of the time and use it as transportation. [probably soon to be astoria] I like fast cars, fast music, fast weed, doing anything with my hands that requires them to do fast stuff, or to make something faster.

Been a lead power/black/speed/progressive metal guitarist for 10-11 years. Drummer for about 4-5 years. Been working on cars since I was 15, went to Apex tech. school a few years ago. In a band, but need a job. So I'm one of thousands of bum musicians in NY.

I'm also deathly afraid of having to grow up. I think thats why I never went to college, pointed myself in the direction of being in a band, and never got a steady, secure job. This band thing better work.

In need of some NYC moped friends.