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  • 1979 Puch Maxi Zippy
OK you look at the picture yeah well you see the one with the bright yellow hat on well thats me, i was at the opening of the apple store in london, regant street. That was fun! I was with my brother in the brown coat n talking to this german person who was well alright. If you see this HI :)

HI my names martin as you know I have a Puch Maxi I brought my puch of ebay for £67.50 i think i got a good bargin it runs well but the apperance of it isnt all that but now ive got some cash im going to start tuning it up i want to get a new sports exhaust a bigger carb a 15mm one sports air filter. I also want to put on a better front suspension on like a mountain bike suspension or somethink im not 16 yet so maddly enough i use my little puch on the field yes a risk i have to take. I alredy run into problems when my standard exhaust snaped of luckly enough i brough loads of spares for my puch of ebay and i had another exhaust so i fitted it and it still runs perfect. There was another problem though when it comes to mixing the fuel and the oil together i get stuck i usullay put to much oil in or to little but when i do get it wright i have lots of fun.

Ok just adding two the above, coming up to 16 now and the puch maxi has come along way its had a total strip down in this strip down i rubbed the frame down cause it didnt look very pretty anyways my mate got it sprayed for free n its a proper pucker job THANKS! but now i said i was getting all them performance parts well i got the exhaust, air filter but not the carb oh well it shifts some thats for sure. But i dont know if i am going to get it MOT'd or by another moped e.g. derbi senda or a yahmaha dt50 something like that. Well we will see!