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  • 2004 Tomos Sprint
I know I'm gonna be respected on here! Because I've always been respectful to others. I understand how It is to have commonality amongst eachother and feeling like you belong to something. And I understand confidence in a hobby because I've seen many mistakes people make with automobiles.because I'm a pretty good car mechanic. But I would not ridicule or criticize someone for lack of knowledge. And I understand there's some Ace mechanics on here with mopeds. But you can't let years of It go to your head to where you have no disregard for others as a person. if you cannot deal with someone because you are to good for them to respect that person then leave them be. Or if not and you choose to degrade and be critical of them then be prepared that some folks defend themselves. And that The you gotta have thick skin to be on this site statement doesn't and will not excuse a person for being an ass!! So respect eachother.
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