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Hey there, I'm from a town called Mexico NY. I got my first taste of mopeds when i was 7, someone had gotten me a 78 honda to beat around the yard with. Needless to say that didn't last to long, and ended up in a junk pile behind my house. Through the years I have developed quite a bit of mechanical ability and a knack for fixing things. The little yellow honda went unnoticed till this last spring, when I decided it would be something fun to put on the road. From the junk pile and into my shop went the moped, soon to be quite a spiffy little machine in it's own right. A couple thousanths off the head, a custon built pipe, porting and alittle advance in the timing turned it into a whole new animal. I took to the streets to see the heads turn in my direction. Many people in this sheltered town have not seen anything like it before, and I inspired some to go out and get there own rides. Eventually, they started coming to me for help because I was the only one who had experience working with these extrodinary devices. So now I have somewhat of an informal moped repair service going on behind my house, and i came hear so I could get information on the many diverse types of vehicles that roll into my shop.

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