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Dave U

Mankato, MN


  • 1980 Puch Newport

just bought my first moped, and really super excited about this thing. It says sport MkII on the chainguard, but it also says newport on the frame, the engine is an e-50 so what.. damn, it's a newport, I guess i got handled thinking it had 2 gears. Anyways guy didn't know how to put oil in it so i got it for 80 bucks.
I'm ready to completely rebuild this thing if i have to, not only that, I will aftermarket the shit out of it if I can.. Even though i don't know jack about these things yet, you'll see :)

I'm a computer geek by night, a hardworker by day, I have a homebuild computer that i make sweet love to, I also have a huge fro that the babes love (which therefore I love) I play guitar, and even though i only have an accoustic i can still make my buddies electric scream, so thats that.

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