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  • 1972 Honda PC50
I just received a beaten up Honda P50 (I believe... Cannot be totally sure yet) from a friend of mine for a song. No, I mean that literally - I gave him a CD for it. It wasn't running when I got the thing, but it's functional now thanks to my younger brother's mechanical wizardry. I've been driving it for a week now (just started to try to get it registered - it's not stolen *whew*) and have already fallen in love with the two-wheeled pedal-endowed vehicle. I had previously laughed at mopeds' goofiness, but now I've repented. I'm going to have to purchase some motocross armor, a good thick jacket and a hefty length of wallet chain (laugh) - the moped army is the way to go.

This isn't actually a picture of my moped (mine's considerably more beat up, possibly a few years older than this one). Before too long, I should have a pic of mine up.
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