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Matthew Hill

Clive, IA

Our moped is actually the property of my girlfriend, Linda. She received it as a birthday gift when she was in the 8th grade. Her trusty Yamaha QT-50 was a loyal friend providing fun, adventure, and dependable transportation (in fair weather). Over the years it has been driven over two thousand miles.

When she moved away from home to attend college, the moped was left behind in a small, wooden shed/garage. Since then, the structure has collapsed due to old age and neglect, but the faithful moped was recovered just this month during the demolition (07/2002).

The seasonal mid-west climate and inadequate storage conditions have taking their tole on the poor relic. The wheel bearings have siezed, the seat cover is torn, their are small patches of rust on the rims, and the tires have rotted.

On the brighter side, the headlight, tail light, and directionals are still in tact; all of the electical wires and cables seem to be in order; the engine appears to be salvageable upon first inspection; and the fluid reservoirs appear to have been drained proir to prolonged storage.

There is a minor obstacle, which may later prove to be a major stumbling block... we are unable to locate the ingnition key. Linda believes we can order a replacement through the local dealership, otherwise we may need to employ the services of a professional lock-smith.

I'll keep you posted and let you know if we ever get her running again. We don't have much experience with small engine repair, but we have a willing spirit, and we are ready to learn.

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