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  • 1982 Honda Express NC50
Hey i am in the process of completely rebuilding my 1982 honda express i have already put an aftermarket 70cc cylinder kit and head, performance modified stock muffler, rejetted my carb from 75-96, performance airfilter, replaced all gaskets and o-rings, now im looking at possibly switching the c.d.i system from the original internal in the flywheel to a new hpi mini rotor cdi, i guess i am wondering more about the electrical side at this point, like rectifiers, spark plug caps/ ignition coils, with the new cylinder head im looking at a way to still seat my aircontrol box on it, might buy a super performance racing crank, to hold up a little better with the higher rpms and may replace all the bearings with the new high performance racing bearings, i guess really i just want to know more about what i can and cant use and what. Will give me amazing speed without messing up my bike, im trying to keep most of this stock especially looking at tthe prices on buying a used keihin carb. And seeing that they are being sold for like $80 in not very good condition... mone is in mint condition and id like to still use it. My bike goes about 42 mph as of right now. Any suggestions i am open to!
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