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  • 1978 Cosmo Blazer
im 24 yrs old 5"10 (about) 125 to 135 lbs. light brown blonde hair brown eyes. i love my bike!!! there's nothing more interesting or more exciting than "riding"!!! my bike is harley davidson orange,2-stroke (i have to mix 2-stroke oil & gas my self) it's got a magneto, & pedals. i have to pedal (like a regular bicycle) to get the magneto going then i have to pull (ingage) a like centrifigual clutch or ingager which starts my motor then it's all motor!!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME- I'M TELLING YA IT'S AN AWESOME BIKE.oh yeah it's a 1978 cosmo blazer,with a franco morini motori motor. on the chain guard it say's blazer 2 though. weird but cool!!!
lmc 2003
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