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John Kirk


Milton, FL


  • 1979 Puch Magnum MK II
Retired snowbird. Winter in Florida and summer in upstate New York. Best of all possible worlds!

Bought the Puch in 1992. Had been in storage for awhile. After blowing come carburetor cleaner through the carburetor, I managed to get it started and put a few miles on it. Went back into storage after draining gas out of the tank and running the carburetor dry.

Recently took it out of storage again, and it started right up on fresh premium gas. Noticed some gas dripping from the petcock and fuel bowl, so I drained the tank and removed the petcock. In the process the fuel line fitting on the bottom of the petcock snapped. The original clear plastic fuel line is very stiff and dark reddish yellow, and the fuel filter on the petcock is badly caked in redish yellow gook, so I think I will replace the petcock and fuel lines to start, then work on the carburetor.
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