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Los Angeles, CA

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Currently mopedless.

Gender Bender 2008
LA Tigers Vs Wooly Bullies 2009
Latebirds Invitational 2010
Wooly Bullies L.A. 2010

*Bikes Sold*
1991 Tomos Targa Lx
1978 Vespa Ciao
1978 Puch Magnum MK II
1979 Peugeot 103LVS-U2
1979 Puch Magnum XK
1977 Peugeot 103 LVS-U3
1977 Vespa Ciao
1987 Honda Spree

*First Moped Army Log in*
March 2007

*Kirk's Rules of Buy + Sell on MA*
1-Don't ask me to pay as gift or personal.
2-I will never ask you to pay as gift or personal.
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