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Michael Cole


West York, PA

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  • 1979 Kreidler MP-9
  • 1980 Honda Express NC50
My name is Mike. I live in York, Pa. I am into anything with a motor and wheels. My hobbies are, RC Helicopters, making vinyl stickers, airbrushing and just about any kind of art. I am a welder/ fabricator/ millwright. I recently got a 1979 Kreidler MP-9 and it needs a little work to get it road worthy but, I'm working on it a little at a time. Since I joined I also have a 1980 Honda Express NC50, which is for sale/trade. I also got the MP9 all fixed, just have to get the title signed over to me by the previous owner. If anyone has the same kind of ped and can give me any pointers just shoot me a message.
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