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  • 2005 Tomos
  • 2003 Jialing NP50T-M

Used to have a Honda Hobbit when I was young, it worked for about a week. I remember my folks took it to the shop and me trying to get it to work desperatly. It never did.
A decade and a half later I finally get another moped. I've been intentionally carless for a year and a half (as of this writing) when I moved to Baltimore, buying a decent bike upon arrival and using that as my primary mode of transportation. It's been great but damn tiring some days.
So I'm essentially a newbie, have a lot to learn.
Update- August 2005
My Jialing was stolen and one year later I just bought a Tomos ST. Between then and now I'd been mainly riding a bike, and two weeks before I finished paying off the Tomos my bike was stolen.

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