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Daniel Leasure


North Kansas City, MO

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  • Gadabout Deluxe 3
  • 1968 Honda P50
  • 1977 JCPenney Swinger 2
  • Puch Astro Daimler
  • Tomos Targa
  • 1985 Yamaha QT50 Yamahopper
Hello I am Dan from Kansas City and am 45 years old and Have reacently got a 85 Yamahopper ,2 TOMOS targa's and now i have 1968 Honda P 50 got it running and rideable the other day. As a kid i had a lot dirt bikes and trials bikes all the strange ones Montessa 349 cota , 250 Bulltaco 175 Huskavarna 250 Hodocka well you name it . Humm OLD SCHOOL. And now The HONDA P 50 like i said i just seem to get the strange ones. O ya my first bike was a kawasaki 100 street/trail it had 5 street gears and 5 trail gears you had to stop and change it from street to trail i think it was a 1970 or so it was kinda a dog i also road a lot of the trail 70 and 90 Hondas and a Old 1960's 90 Honda i just rember it black it would out run the Kaw. I also road my Dads cb 175 street bike. Update The tomos now had been kitted 4 reed valve intake custom made 21 mm. Carb all that's left is sprocket change. It runs very good some where around 55 mph hope with sproket change to get around 60 mph.
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