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Minneapolis, MN

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  • 1979 Honda Hobbit
  • 1980 Motobecane 50V
  • 1978 Puch Maxi
  • 1963 Sears Allstate
  • 1996 Tomos 15 Sprint

Discovered Moped Army about six years ago and with their help have re-habbed a 79 Grande and gotten seriously into mopeds!

This old Grande had been sitting around in a basement at work for the past ten years. It had been dumped, damaged and parked probably 25 years ago! (Only 400 miles on it!) I sent to Italy some years back for a repair manual, but never did anything until I got on MA!

Now I look for any excuse to get out and ride! I'm even commuting to work on my peds. The fleet continues to grow, but the Allstate is now my daily ride! (Can't let DeeZy have all the fun!) LOL!

You'll find me rolling with the Casserollers every week. Drop me a line anytime you want to ride!
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