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Dan King

Reno, NV


  • 1978 Maico MPI
  • 1978 Honda Hobbit

I have a little Maico Moped. A rarity it seems, as I can not find out any information on it. It was made for Maico by Bimotor of Italy.

I like riding alongside the big Suburban Assault Vehicles. I beat them to the lights or quickly catch up to them at the next stop light. It is a game of tag that I like to play with those behemouths.

I watch the huge massive machines burning gasoline hurrying to get to the same place that I am going. Both of us doing about the same speed in traffic.

Riding the Maico is an immediate thrill. I often ride home after work at night when the temperature is in the 20s. I love the extremes of weather and to be riding out in it is a joy.

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