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Fargo, ND

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  • 1978 Puch Newport L
Mostly I'm a maker of things, mostly ceramics. Sometimes wood or metal or cement or plaster type things... Sometimes bread too.

My ped pic is before the upgrades I'm doing this year (2020). So far, just an overhaul with new bearings/seals, new three shoe clutch w Treats ESO springs, lightened clutch bell. New tires, cables, seat. Proma GP pipe, Treats metal mesh filter, and a 15 Bing clone (though now I'm thinking I may have made the wrong choice on that, as per members' advice :( I just wanted to save $50... It does pretty well, but I'll reconsider). Next on to kitting perhaps, once I get fully tuned with what I've done. Woot, I'm hitting 35 and pretty well addicted now (still). I like that my summer gas bill so far is like $8, instead of driving my gashog truck everywhere (although my Treats bill is something I don't want to talk about. Worth it tho!) But hey, we have alot of winter in Fargo, so you gotta have 4wd for most of the year, otherwise I'd ride all the time!

No rallies here to speak of in this area, but I'm seeing a lot more people out with mopeds lately and they are modding them.
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