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  • 1977 Sparta Foxi
  • 1977 Solex 4600
Something about finding 'em, fixing 'em so they run, and then riding them until you're ready to start over that has its hooks in me.

I used to ride 2 and 3 cylinder Yamaha and Kawasaki 2-strokes in the late 70's/early 80's until the wind snapped a power line and almost took me out while just riding down the hiway. (I took it as a sign.) I skidded to a stop and watched the line, just yards away, dance across the road and into the ditch, flashing and throwing sparks until the grass and weeds caught fire. Drove that Tri-Star home and covered it up while listening to the fire trucks head out to deal with the grass fire.

Funny how a top speed of 35 mph feels just as good now as 100+ did back then...
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