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Fort Worth, TX

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  • 1978 Puch Cobra
Started out w/ a Puch Maxi from an estate sale w/o a title, so moved on to many other mopeds when I lived in Florida! Bought a non running Puch Cobra from Lance/ Candy when they lived in Florida! A young guy up in Parma, OH got it running for me and it sitting in a storage trailer 1000 miles from me! I’m currently running around on my 2003 Honda ST 1300 !!!

I'm a certified arborist and can trim or take down most any tree. Would love to have a moped powered by a big Stihl chainsaw engine, maybe my 660 Magnum will be sacrificed for this dream moped someday. Will trim or take down danger tree/s in barter for moped/parts, motorcycle (B.M.W.), power equipment, sporting goods, and good ole greenbacks throughout the Southern United States.

Thank an active duty soldier or veteran for the safe country that we all enjoy living in. I'm a veteran of the Army during the early 80's in the Third Armor Division. Long live the Boy Scouts of America, another great organization for young men to get involved in. I'm a member of the I.S.A. , N.R.A. and AAA !!

Look forward to seeing your custom peds and smiling faces at a rally in TEXAS soon. Wear your riding gear and ride defensively, because cagers dont care about your right to use the road.
Treeman in Fort Worth, TX
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