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Johnny Bajana


Spring Hill, FL


  • 1983 Jawa Supreme 2
I am computer consultant trying to live a simpler life in Florida. I don't want to retire, but I do want to have the choice of working hard or not. By nature I am work-a-holic and always find myself going back to my old habits when I get involved in trying to fix, tinker or just curious about a computer program or a problem with a computer issue involving anything.

I love have fun, I love bicycling and currently I am looking to get my motorcycle license and cant wait. My uncle gave me this Jawa Supreme 2 moped which did not start up, but was in good condition. I started to tinker with it hoping to get it working and took it apart and then put it back to gether and with a lot of luck and patience I got it working. I have been riding it since with my wife and enjoying the heck out of it and now both my wife and I want to get our motorcycle license so that we can ride together.
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