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Joe Morandi

Reno, NV

I had a few mopeds growing up. Just purchased a very clean 1979 JuiLi Honey 50. The seat has a United Moped emblem it. From what I can find, JuiLi Enterprise (out of tawain) made mopeds from the early 70's to early 80's. It has a Sachs 505/1 engine. It needs a chain, battery and key. The fuel in the tank was bad, and I had to repair the fuel peckock. The speedo says it has 2527 miles on it. I am looking forward to fixing it up. If anyone knows anything about these peds, please contact me.
UPDATE: 8/26/06 - IT LIVES !!! After some in-depth cleaning and $100.00 in parts it runs pretty dam fine. I have some fuel line isues to work out, but hey I can handle that. I am working on getting some pics posted.

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