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  • 1980 Sachs Suburban

I" had my moped since brand new I was a sachs dealer. in natick mass,back in the 80's i ve been riding it off and on since i was thirteen, those natick cops loved to try and bust me all the time,remember you need a lerners permit to drive one . never got caught ,damn close though. I modified it over the years porting, stroked it from a big D to huge E, ha ha . problem i encounterd stroking it more than the D is it change the port timing a little to much bottom ring enters exhaust port just a bit .i,m talking only .030 more stroke. any way the porting and sprockets are the best way to go. i was clocked a 55mph in hollis NH. he didn,t give me a ticket for speeding , just one for the stop sighn i blew through.what a Dick Darling he was. i recently picked up G3. for 50 bucks but the motor was trashed with plan is to find a german or european 5051D with the two speed gear box,port that. that way it should have the best of both worlds power,and speed. as you know it's a trade off and i'm to old now to peddle up the hills "just to lazey" if any body want,s to hype there ped and you don't mind the power loss.and really want speed,port it.but remeber this you have to open the exhaust upward,and the intake down ward. that way you wont change the port timing. 50cc high speed junkie.

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