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  • 1980 Sachs Balboa
  • 1988 Jawa 210

I got into engines buying a Jawa 210 2 speed automatic back in 2013. When it broke down i had to fix it. I started small, read the wiki on changing and checking a sparkplug. that sparked an interest.(hah) Studied more, delved deeper, started collecting an arsenal of tools and knowledge. Opened up a repair shop in my town for mopeds, scoots, and small engines. I enjoy working on engines and it never fails to bring me a smile when an old tired motor fires back up. Moped Army has guided and inspired me to never give up. Thanks everybody, Happy riding, and don't forget to bring at least a small toolbag on every ride, after all - it is , and always will be , MOPEDS!

- Bart Myers (Cape Tip Motors - Provincetown, MA)

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