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Originally born in Belfast, N. Ireland, I'm a theatrical technical director for a non-profit theater in Flagstaff, AZ and an enthusiast in small bikes that go too fast for their own good. I've usually owned Honda CB's and Vespas (With my current "big" bike being a Vespa GTS250ie), but never lived in any place that would make owning a moped practical until now. But, after a little searching and a score of a find by my girlfriend, $250 and about 100 miles of gasoline-soaked road tripping in the mini-SUV, I now have succumbed to the moped addiction!

Along with scoots and theater, I'm also an avid firearms enthusiast and gunsmith and host as well as moderate several firearms boards and 2nd amendment rights boards. If it's from the Eastern Bloc and goes boom, odds are that I've had one apart on my bench or will have one splayed about in due time (as well as having a soft spot in my heart for Hi-Point arms...the last TRUE American made gun)
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