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Christopher Kleingeld

Cape Town, South Africa

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  • 1966 Solex 3800

Hello everyone I live in plumstead and am into computers
and a little bit of a nature lover to, my current project is to get my solex running again, after the advice from Brian i think that my fuel pump is faulty so i have orderd one and am eagerly waiting.Anyway im 27 years old about
5 foot 6 and still got my long hair, and into the heavier music but still listen to the older stuff like pink floyd and rolling stones and so on,We in Cape Town seem to be a bit cut off from the rest of the world but not as bad as some other places i have heard of,I am also looking for another job, as i took this one (at a loan company) because i could not find one in the computer world and i needed to pay the rent, o and i would really like to reintroduce the moped to Cape Town, anyway ill stop now,and ill upload pics soon, cheers for now

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