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Delaware, OH

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  • 1978 Pacer Sport P-78
Hi, I am a moped rider! I purchased my moped on November 10, 2003. It was built by someone who custum built it. They bought the frame for an in-exspencive price. Around ($1.00 or less) Crazy huh? Then they added parts to it that were needed like the engine and brakes and clutch....etc.....So it all came together for a great price of only $200. So i am very pleased, the moped isn't the nicest looking, but it is a classic. Also it is very comfertable. The ride is very smooth and the shocks are in great condition. I have put around $170 into the thing with tons of additions. I hope that anyone that enjoy's mopeds will find such a great moped as mine. Keep on Riding!!!
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