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I have never owned a mass produced moped but worked on quite a few of them years ago as I had many friends who rode them. Between ages 13 & 16 I built 5 or 6 motorized bicycles (Always wanted a Wizzer but couldn't afford one). I used older balloon tire Schwinns with mostly Briggs & Stratton motors.

One of the later bikes had a two speed automatic transmission adapted from G.E. Washing machine transmission components, while others used "V-Plex" brand variable pitch automatic pulley clutches.

When I reached leagal driving age, my father gave me a two year old Harley-Davidson Model 165, which I still have and am restoring. I still ride Harleys & average over 20,ooo miles a year.

I am a traffic accident reconstruction expert and determine the manner in which accidents occur, then prepare detailed reports and sometimes testify in court. I once worked for a company that made specialized components for the aerospace industry where I designed and hand-built built parts of the first man-mace objects to travel beyond the Solar System (Voyager I & II) and parts of several Saturn boosters. I also designed and built prototype components for early CAT Scanners (medical diagnostic imaging devices) while working there.

I have served as a volunteer firefighter for 49 years and I am still an active firefighter. My hobbies and interests include flying (private airplane pilot), motorcycling, travel, antique motor vehicles and photography. I am also a National Weather Service storm spotter and cooperative weather observer.

I would like to communicate with anyone who has experience with & detailed knowledge of Harley-Davidson Hummer, Model 125 & Model 165 motorcycles.
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