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Greg schneiderhan

Long Beach, CA


  • 1978 Sachs

ive ben rideing moped for years and i have a columbia sach that i just got done fixing id had others before like push and a uknown germin modal now the one part im haveing a hard time finding is the side covers. im thinking on fabercateing them if its that hard to find. im puting my xm raido on it with a portable speeker. the tires are 21 but im wondering if i can use regular beach cruser tires. driveing in lancaster cali messed it up. the last one i had whet to a junk yard becuse it was not worth fixing i was knocked off buy a nissian sentra. this one im carefull of my surroundings and people in long beach cali dont drive worth a damn. id replaced the spark plug cable throttle cable next will be the grips. dead last tiers. i cant wait to be back on the road. cruseing along the beach. now cince this pick was taken i took the basket off.

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